Sunday, April 25, 2010

Campaign Pledge - National Slap, Swear & Grope Week - Marcus 2012 Bull Moose Party

I recently came across a few studies that showed workers who swear in the workplace have much greater camaraderie and far less stress than those who do not. After working in the UK for a while I also realized how uptight and politically correct corporate America and the P.C. police can make you become. In American corporate culture you don’t know if you’re allowed or safe to compliment a woman…In the UK women would harass me and slap my bum if I bent over!

Needless to say, I liked it and I think America needs a week where everyone is protected from litigation and everyone is entitled to swear and grope when they like it and if someone deserves a good slap across the face or ass you can do it. I suspect this will help Americans let off some steam and *ssholes will be a little less *ssholeish leading up to the week.

Even though I am not yet President, you still have my permission to swear at work, slap your boss and grope whoever you want!  If you don't like it...*uck you and the high horse you came in on!

Marcus for President 2012

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