Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Campaign Promise # 7 - Afghanistan & Iraq

Every now and then I have to address some real issues here...as your President, I will do my best to dismantle the military industrial complex that has come to more or less rule the country, our culture and policies. You may say that's crazy, but do your homework and you'll see Ike specifically warned the American people of what could and now has come to pass…and as a General I think he was well qualified to know.

Iraq and Afghanistan create more terrorists and are motivated by profits for the military industrial complex. That money should be going to our children, education, care for the infirm and elderly and caring for the veterans from these unjust and immoral wars. The new motto of veterans about the way they are treated by the government is 'Delay, Deny and they hope I Die" I will pull all troops out without delay.

These soldiers are dieing in vein as they did in Vietnam. Vietnam has turned out pretty well all by itself since we stopped meddling...The Russians couldn't get Afghanistan right and they were right next door...

Finally, as a part of my "War on Bullshit' ... I can't believe Americans put up with the farcical manipulation of the governments counting system for US dead and wounded...'contractors' ...AKA soldiers who did their tour and go back in for private companies like Black Water (oil?) to make $80-150k a year which I don't blame them as there are no jobs at home...when contractors are killed and wounded they are not counted.

There are now more contractors (corporatized private army) than US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan... God bless corporate America and their friends in Washington who care so much about you...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Campaign Promise # 4 - White House Parties, Party Themes & Lincoln Bedroom Gay Night

We've all heard about the couple that gate crashed one of Obama's events...well, if elected your President in 2012 or ever, I hereby proclaim the following policies on White House party's:

1. We will hold a random lottery via the internet on Thursday's for the White House Saturday night party.  My guess is we can invite 300-500 taxpayers and your transportation costs and lodging will be paid for by one of the following potential means:
   A.  Any of the crappy media or production companies who stand to benefit from advertising revenues from covering the parties
   B.  The booze companies and the pharma companies who will be providing the weed for the party which will be legalized by me through executive order day one in office
   C.  If the above can't cover all costs we'll use taxpayer monies...at least for a change it will be in a more direct way be going back to them for their benefit and fun

2.  All parties will have a different theme to be decided via the official white house website.  Whatever idea gets the most views / votes ...whatever...each week by Thursday will be the winner and the person who's idea it was gets to come to the party too.

3.  The night of the party the Lincoln guest / bed room will be occupied by hot lipstick lesbians or a fantastically campy male gay couple selected by my press secretary who I have already said must be a very flamboyant and witty homosexual to keep the press on their toes.

What's there not to like...Vote Marcus 2012 ...because in the words of my campaign manager's children "Everything's More Fun with Marcus"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Campaign Promise # 3 - States Rights...back to the States& Gay / Human Rights

The one thing Texas and the confederacy were right about was state's rights...if elected your prez in 2012, I will gave back the states many of their rights that have since been strong handed and taken back by the federal government.

I think behind the scenes there is a largely democratically driven agenda to centralize and consolidate power to the point where there would be just one government for Earth (new world order stuff). Einstein and Bertrand Russel were proponents of this as they thought it was the only way to prevent a World War III.

While I like the concept, I agree with the view of Plato and Aristotle who thought war would only not be possible if you had benevolent philosopher rulers who drastically re-educated society. Our current system seems to breed leaders driven by greed and corruption, not love, care or benevolence for society, hence, I think the system must be pushed back before it can go forward.

I do think universal human rights and tolerance should be standardized and centralized as much as possible but am torn as to whether that should be pushed back onto states as well. My thought is while I think gay marriage, adoption, legalized marijuana, animal rights, high wages for teachers (the education college in Universities should be the hardest to get into not easiest and the jobs should pay the most for educators of our children...out children are the future...) etc. etc. are good ideas for everyone, I think the best thing to do is let states decide on their own and over time it will work itself out.

Think about it from an economists perspective...states like Georgia where my kids live are very socially conservative and very pro-business with a crappy public school system. Under a system with strong states rights, Georgia would keep gay marriage and weed illegal, ongoing poor environmental and public transport investments / policies, continue polarizing policies between blacks / whites (in favour of whites of course), let religion further into politics / government... Then take a state like New Hampshire, Vermont or California...likely to legalize / tax drugs, gay marriage, strong environmental protection policies etc. etc. Which states over time will flourish and attract the best people?

My hunch are the states where people are tolerant, educated and open-minded...the danger though of course in the long run is concentrated fanaticism, jealousy, ignorance...when you have great disparities of wealth and quality of life between countries you often end up with war as people get desperate... I still think it's better to let the people of various states, counties and towns do things their way...if they want polygamy and dry counties...If they want weed, swingers parties on Thursday nights and mandatory gun ownership...let 'em By the way, I wrote off the electoral votes from Georgia on day one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Campaign Promise # 1 - Free Beer & Wine Paid for by AIG & Citibank

I think Americans have become fed-up with Washington's fat-cats pushing through a constant pipeline of pork barrel policies and politics for the corporate and banking titans while people are jobless, have no decent health care and more money can always be found for illegitimate foreign wars.  Let's face it, where does the greed stop?  

I have met and have heard from hundreds of people who have lost everything and of course their homes.  Guess what guys didn't lose their homes (plural, because they have more than one)...the Wall Street Ponzi Schemed guys and Media Tycoons who brought this all on...

More than 50M people in the US (mostly children and our elders) are malnourished and go to bed hungry...but the fat cats stay fat!!  "The Greatest Country" and a "First World Nation" ...try Sweden, Finland, Switzerland or maybe Canada and France...because great countries provide great education for their children, real food vs. chemicals, corn syrup, fluoride & GMOs  and encourage the free exchange of debate and new ideas in politics.

As usual I digress, however, go back and read the writings of the founding fathers (Franklin, Jefferson, Adams) of this country...they would roll over in their graves if they saw America today...

I pledge if elected President in 2012, American beer and wine shall be free less tip and state/local taxes between 5 - 8pm everyday and the expense shall be paid for by AIG, Citibank and all other recipients of the bail out including the automakers.