Friday, January 22, 2010

Campaign Promise # 3 - States Rights...back to the States& Gay / Human Rights

The one thing Texas and the confederacy were right about was state's rights...if elected your prez in 2012, I will gave back the states many of their rights that have since been strong handed and taken back by the federal government.

I think behind the scenes there is a largely democratically driven agenda to centralize and consolidate power to the point where there would be just one government for Earth (new world order stuff). Einstein and Bertrand Russel were proponents of this as they thought it was the only way to prevent a World War III.

While I like the concept, I agree with the view of Plato and Aristotle who thought war would only not be possible if you had benevolent philosopher rulers who drastically re-educated society. Our current system seems to breed leaders driven by greed and corruption, not love, care or benevolence for society, hence, I think the system must be pushed back before it can go forward.

I do think universal human rights and tolerance should be standardized and centralized as much as possible but am torn as to whether that should be pushed back onto states as well. My thought is while I think gay marriage, adoption, legalized marijuana, animal rights, high wages for teachers (the education college in Universities should be the hardest to get into not easiest and the jobs should pay the most for educators of our children...out children are the future...) etc. etc. are good ideas for everyone, I think the best thing to do is let states decide on their own and over time it will work itself out.

Think about it from an economists perspective...states like Georgia where my kids live are very socially conservative and very pro-business with a crappy public school system. Under a system with strong states rights, Georgia would keep gay marriage and weed illegal, ongoing poor environmental and public transport investments / policies, continue polarizing policies between blacks / whites (in favour of whites of course), let religion further into politics / government... Then take a state like New Hampshire, Vermont or California...likely to legalize / tax drugs, gay marriage, strong environmental protection policies etc. etc. Which states over time will flourish and attract the best people?

My hunch are the states where people are tolerant, educated and open-minded...the danger though of course in the long run is concentrated fanaticism, jealousy, ignorance...when you have great disparities of wealth and quality of life between countries you often end up with war as people get desperate... I still think it's better to let the people of various states, counties and towns do things their way...if they want polygamy and dry counties...If they want weed, swingers parties on Thursday nights and mandatory gun ownership...let 'em By the way, I wrote off the electoral votes from Georgia on day one.

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