Saturday, January 23, 2010

Campaign Promise # 4 - White House Parties, Party Themes & Lincoln Bedroom Gay Night

We've all heard about the couple that gate crashed one of Obama's events...well, if elected your President in 2012 or ever, I hereby proclaim the following policies on White House party's:

1. We will hold a random lottery via the internet on Thursday's for the White House Saturday night party.  My guess is we can invite 300-500 taxpayers and your transportation costs and lodging will be paid for by one of the following potential means:
   A.  Any of the crappy media or production companies who stand to benefit from advertising revenues from covering the parties
   B.  The booze companies and the pharma companies who will be providing the weed for the party which will be legalized by me through executive order day one in office
   C.  If the above can't cover all costs we'll use taxpayer least for a change it will be in a more direct way be going back to them for their benefit and fun

2.  All parties will have a different theme to be decided via the official white house website.  Whatever idea gets the most views / votes ...whatever...each week by Thursday will be the winner and the person who's idea it was gets to come to the party too.

3.  The night of the party the Lincoln guest / bed room will be occupied by hot lipstick lesbians or a fantastically campy male gay couple selected by my press secretary who I have already said must be a very flamboyant and witty homosexual to keep the press on their toes.

What's there not to like...Vote Marcus 2012 ...because in the words of my campaign manager's children "Everything's More Fun with Marcus"

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