Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vacations, UFOs & Aliens Act - Marcus for President 2012 Campaign Promise # 23

Nothing like combining disparate subjects for my planned executive orders…First on the alien / UFOs front, we will make all classified information unclassified. Jimmy Carter, Clinton and one of Obama’s guys have tried this before to some extent or another to no avail. I won’t take military secrecy for an answer and will make this public even I have to take over the damned military.

I was talking about UFOs this summer with a doctor and his wife while out on the campaign trail…after chatting for the while he shared with me that his Grandfather was a senior officer in the air force out west… on his deathbed he told him and his father aliens / UFOs exist and Roswell was one big cover-up! I was quite happy to hear this and simply want to meet these alien dudes…

Next as a part of this great act I shall catch Americans up to the Europeans and give all workers two months of paid vacation a year. Nobody ever says on their death bed they wished they spent more time at the office…

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Campaign Promise # 22 - Broken Promises Voter Act

In campaigning around America over the last year, the one thing I am hearing more and more about yo-mama Obama is that he's just a smooth talker but doing all the same things as frat-boy Bushie.  Americans have a short memory, but many people can start to recall the number of broken promises by Obama...

I think most people are used to this from most of their politicians, so in 2012 by executive order I will decree the Broken Promises Voter Act which will require candidates for all federal elections to sign a legal document verifying their promises made before an election (if they don't follow my decree i'll get medieval on them with my CIA cronies).  The promises will then be classified by importance into three tiers based on voter polling.  Breaking of tier one and two promises will result in criminal liability and fines.  Tier 3 being less important will only carry civil liability.

One year into Obama, here are a few of his recent broken promises from over 500 made during the campaign:
  • Git-mo closed
  • No lobbyists in his administration (appointed Monsanto and Cargill cronies to top spots in FDA)
  • Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials
  • Allow five days of public comment before signing bills
  • Double funding for afterschool programs
  • Allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms of a home mortgage
  • Support human mission to moon by 2020
  • Reduce earmarks to 1994 levels
  • Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN
  • Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009 
The nice thing about Bush / Cheney is they didn't give a shit and make many promises...they just sold fear and did what they wanted...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Campaign Promise # 21 - National Adultery & Marijuana Act

Since being back in ye' old America I am really sick and tired of hearing all the media coverage and crap about affairs, adultery, horny Tiger etc. etc.  It's time America leave the puritan religious middle ages and join the rest of the free world where having flings is a private matter.

If elected your President in 2012, I will fine any media outlet wasting air or print or whatever time $10M an offense and give $9M to a variety of children's causes, building shelters for the homeless, school programs, education, shelters for abused women, etc. etc.  The remaining million will go to the person they reported on.


This act shall also entitle all US citizens to a free splif (joint) of Marijuana on labour day and all federal holidays.  Enjoy, you've earned it!  And while you're at it, if your beau, galo, hubby, wife isn't treatin' you right...go feel alive and have an affair for me and Tiger.

Marcus for President - Bull Moose Party Official Feed

February 26 Events, Quotes, Poem o' the Day and Podcast

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Campaign Promise # 20 - Hospitals & Jails Reform Act

I thankfully to date haven't been to too many jails or hospitals. I've been in small county / town jails three times that I can remember...once in high-school for throwing a huge party where the cops rounded people up in school buses. The next time, I was in Athens Georgia going to court to protest a speeding ticket. When I stood up to make my case they took my away claiming I had another ticket I hadn't paid. Turns out I had paid the ticket and had a cleared check to prove it.

Lastly, I got nailed for BUI....Boating Under the Influence on Lake Lanier in Georgia. That's a whole other and very funny story for another time, but I did learn to not make jokes anymore as they have a funny way of being twisted and showing up in the police report later...It's also not advisable when your stoned and buzzed to wave high to the police as you drive by their cop-boat when you have a nicer one with lots of girls on it...they then like to do "random safety checks".

Net-net is I think the prison system needs to be turned on it's head. The current approach to incarceration and reform only makes people worse, treats them inhumanely and gives them no options when they get out but to go back into crime. Additionally, we never attack the roots of the problem which are lack of education, lack of options (aka jobs which have all been shipped elsewhere) and poverty. My other campaign promises address the roots of the issue.

In terms of the existing system, it should not be privatized and people should not be in jail for doing drugs. Legalize it, focus on education, prevention and make money off it so taxes can be lowered! Violent people, child abusers and molesters should be in jail but they should be taught how not to be violent and exposed to elements of love and support. I could say a lot more here, but I’m going to switch to hospitals for now.

I worked in high school for over two years at a good small town hospital as a want to talk about dirty jobs, I still remember cleaning the autopsy rooms...Anyway, I think too many hospitals are not places I would want to be whether sick or on my death bed.

Hospitals for adults should be like good children's hospitals...bright colours, activities, healthy non-chemical local food, comedy, alternative medicine options, animals to play with, plants, more social interaction and please a new smell other than sickness and death! People get healthier when they have something to live for, are happy and in a warm-loving environment.

Am I the only one who has observed most hospitals and inner city public schools look like jails without the towers?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

US Presidential Campaign Promise # 19 - Playoff System for College Football

I think like most college football fans out there, I am sick of this BCS Bullshit and the NCAA's pussy footing around every year about bringing in a better system.

If elected your President, by executive order I will force a playoff system to start the first year i'm in office.  I do apologize in advance to the other conferences that the SEC will likely win the Championship every year, but doesn't the best conference and best team deserve to win?

Finally, I know many conservative flouride-drinking Georgia boys won't like this, but I also promise to pressure UGA to bring in a football coach with something other than superior bible study skills and mediocre play calling long can a program hang it's hat on a 1982 Championship?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Campaign Promise # 18 - Changing the Legal Drinking Age to 18

This is the one campaign promise that may actually get me some corporate donations and some teen votes! 

Simply put, I don't think you should be able to go die for the oil industry...oops, I meant 'your' country...or for that matter be able to be responsible enough to have children but you appparently are not responsible enough to drink a beer or smoke a joint...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Campaign Promise # 17 - War Games & Flouride

This weekend I was playing football in the street with some kids who were telling me about their schools having to cut football and all their arts / afterschool programs.  I'm pretty sure I am not the only one who is tiring of seeing how much money is spent on BS wars, bank bailouts, pork-barrel stimulus, big pharma, building 'privatized' jails (tax payer funded of course) etc. etc. etc.

If elected your President in 2012 or whenever, I will as stated already end the oil and weapond industry wars and also push to have all future wars fought by VIDEO GAMES.  If countries can't come to a diplomatic solution, the countries will duke it out in a massive online multiplayer video game.

As we will need smart players and smarter children to represent a new and un-warlike America, I hereby also promise to stop the Government and private industries flouridation of water.  If you haven't ever done your homeowrk on this, it's well worth it...the net-net is most countries do not flouridate water or if they did they stopped. 

It all started when the Germans and Russians figured out it made prison populations passive, indifferent and 'dumb'...the flouride in US water is a by-product from nuclear weapons manufacture, fertilizer production, fosfate and aluminum factories not the same as the fluoride as in toothpaste. 

One little known fact from 2003...the government passed the Water Act which encluded protestion for all water agencies to never be sued because of water fluoridation...well, the lawsuits are mounting as more and more studies have come to show it is just plain BAD causing cancer, to being bad for your teeth over time to kidney failure...but it is an effective way for companies to make profit selling their industrial waste to water works and governements that like passive people!

How Stuff - Is Fluoride Making Us Stupid?
Why does the United States Fluoridate Water? Video
“a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposures with lower IQ.”

Concerns about fluoridation are quickly surfacing as the National Kidney Foundation withdrew its support of the chemical additive at the same time the largest association of water professionals in the world was warned not to destroy evidence that may be required in legal actions filed by individuals harmed by drinking fluoridated water.

Following reports of the NKF’s acknowledgement that patients with kidney disease “should be notified of the potential risk” to their health from drinking fluoridated water, the American Water Works Association has been given notice that it must not eliminate or tamper with documents or recordings, indicating lawsuits could be filed in the near future.

Attorney Robert Reeves delivered a fluoride evidence preservation notice to the 60,000-member water association last week. The document named AWWA’s Denver headquarters, regional offices and national and regional officers as “potentially responsible parties” who might be named in lawsuits filed on behalf of kidney patients and other individuals injured by ingesting fluoride.

Daniel Stockin of the Lillie Center Inc., a public health training firm that works to end fluoridation, said organizations should immediately withdraw support for use of the water additive.

“The letter from attorney Reeves to AWWA should make people aware that there is a rapidly closing window in which cities or health officials can act to end fluoridation without being held accountable for continuing to support fluoridation,” Stockin told WND. “The news is out that there are sensitive groups such as kidney patients, diabetics and infants who need to be protected.”

“This was bad science and bad policy from the beginning, and I would suggest cities and organizations that lend their name to supporting fluoridation very quickly and emphatically change positions,” he said. “Attorney Reeves’ letter should be a wake up call – to act quickly to stop fluoridation.”
Remainder of the Article

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Campaign Promise # 16 - National Trading Places Weeks

Senators, representatives, the president and his staff from state and federal levels will for a week every year trade places / their homes with the poor from public housing.  We will get an objective third party to provide the worst ones in each state and the District of Columbia.

If elected your President, we will also have a trading places week where your elected officials will have their kids go to the public schools vs. their nice provate schools for a week.
Should be interesting... 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Campaign Promise # 15 - New Compensation Structures for Public Workers & Officials

I think there will be some decent support behind this promise of mine to the American People....

In short all public workers, politicians etc. will be converted to a system of merit based pay.  A few examples to start, but I am sure people can help me come up with others...

All workers who process paper work, issue liscenses, respond to grant requests etc. etc. will be compensated in correlation with their processing speed.  For example, a drivers liscense application processor who gets $20 p/ hour for their job will lose $1p/hour off their base wage for every person who waits longer than 5 minutes.  This will affect everyone in the organization so they are incentivized to work together and if they hit high customer satisfaction marks from the public they will get decent raises every quarter.

The president has a lot of responsibility yet currently makes crap money.  Goldman Sachs CEO and many others make $20-100M+ a year, so I think it's obvious who really has the power and is in charge behind the scenes.   If the President starts with a salary of $50-100M with all sorts of performance based incentives, I'll bet we would (A) get better people to run (B) not be a pawn of corporations and actually do good things for the American people.  Some examples of incentives that would take away from the base pay:
  • Soldier / contractor lives lost and injuries in any form of armed combat
    • every injury = -$100
    • every death -$100,000
  • Unemployment Rate, every percentage point = -$1,000,000M
  • Every child withour health coverage in America = -$100,000
  • Every child that doesn't go to college = -$100,000
This all assumes they would prevent me from just throwing out the damned devisive system of money in the first place...

Watch one of political advisors explain why money is a load of shit and don't forget vot Marcus for President in 2012!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Campaign Promise # 14 - Smart Bombs & Traffic Lights

Compared to driving experiences throughout Europe, I find American traffic lights (and drivers) to have far less intelligence or planning in spite of this being a car consumed nation. 

What gets me most is when you sit at a damned lite for 2-3 minutes and there's nobody coming from the other intelligence in the light, but we can make smart bombs and smart systems that snoop on and invade everyon's civil liberties while my life ticks away sitting at the damned lite...

Now usually, I would run the lite as I have well know propensity for law bending and breaking, but I am trying not tempt fate in that category these days so I sit there and at least check my ears for rogue hairs to make the time productive...

I hereby declare if elected President or successful at overthrowing the bums running it now I will take money spent on smart bombs and spend it on smart services for the American people.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Campaign Promise # 13 - Shutting Down the IMF, World Bank & Federal Reserve

This one may be a bit radical and I would more than likely be taken out by an assassin or strategic nuclear warhead but it needs to be put out there and said.

The more I research the truth and why these institutions exist, the more disgusted I get. The founding fathers of the country specifically said congress should be responsible for currency and they were against centralized banking (do your homework). What do we have now? A central bank that is in fact private and who's leaders are appointed by the executive branch.

I frankly don't believe in money and it has never excited me other than spending it on parties or gifts for and paper and when there is a revolution it doesn't mean shit. Living the way we all do in the world today is far from being evolved as a society and it is bound to correct itself via revolution or a cataclysmic event.

In America, people have so bought corporatism, capitalism (as it's marketed), 'greed is good', 'The Secret', etc. etc. etc. etc. BS, that nearly everyone goes on rationalizing the poor and starving victims cast aside around the world including children (60M in America). We somehow forget we are all in this together and we are related...who could ever imagine happiness is in cheap shit from Wal-mart or a Rolls-Royce! So deep, so deep...

excerpt from author of 'LIFE INC. How The World Became A Corporation And How To Take It Back'

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Campaign Promise # 12 - Cease Trade with Countries Using Slave & Child Labour

No this won't be popular with American companies who have been shipping all the jobs and our money overseas to sweat shops, but I am pretty certain it will help the job situation here and put pressure on those countries to clean up their acts.

Wal-mart shoppers and other people who love cheap shit from China, i'll let you in on a little secret to life...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Campaign Promise # 11 - I Will Not Accept a Peace Prize if We are at War

Not much to say on this one except what little respect I had left for this guy and our system would have remained intact or been restored if he had been man enough not accept the Nobel Peace much more bullshit are people willing to accept?  Really?

Campaign Promise # 10 - Child Support Receipts & the IRS

With my plans to have a flat, low and simple tax and plan to scrap the various violent wars (drug war, terror etc. etc.) that cost trillions, I think we will have a lot more money in the treasury and a lot less need for the IRS.

I wouldn't want all those lovely people to have no jobs at all, so I thought we could allocate many of their refined bean counting and intimidation skills into keeping parents accountable on child support.  Many people won't like this, but I think it's imperative and about time people focused on the children of the world and not 


When I see accountable, I mean that if a person is paying $2k a month for child support, then receipts should be kept against that $2k to ensure it is going for the child and not the adult.  Ideally education, healthy food, fun, lessons, health etc.  Alimony is very different and the adult can do what they want with that, but kids are the future and kids should come first.

Assuredly many women are saying, 'what about the bums who don't pay...what are you going to do about them'.  Fair point, but we most go after the problem in a holistic manner and ask why there are so many men who don't pay?  There are many reasons, the number one being that we have all fallen for and accepted the power elites newest control mechanism (aka system)... a society that operates on the concept of money...and we see where that is getting 60M Americans who go to bed hungry every night and hundreds of millions more who starve to death every year.  

Am I the only one who is amazed what the government will do when a few bankers and automakers get in trouble versus when kids are forced into fighting wars around the world and dieing of starvation....?  Oh, that's right we gave them the guns and fucked up their lands in the first place by drawing new lines on the map and creating division...
Sorry, as usual I sidetracked myself...I refuse to believe most men or people are inherently bad and don't want to pay or help their kids.  Wealth has become concentrated and their are few option for many people these days and at many times in this system of money and greed.

The system and for that matter...we are all messed up.  Remember when the old British taxes us too much and made our lives solution was a revolution...well, let me show you the basic math of our "great system" from the "greatest country in the world" in my life with 'child support'.

My monthly salary in the UK   $16,667
Less Child Support 'stuff'-         ($ 5,000)
Less Taxes*                           ($7,000)
                                             $4,667  seems live-able ...forgot a few things...
Less Boys School                  ($2,000)
Net Income                            $2,667
* Taxes I am aware of...meaning federal / state, does not include the myriad of hidden taxes and fees

Of the remaining net income you then try to cover a roof over your head, food, transportation, insurance premiums, clothes for your kids, holidays and a girlfriend...

The best part of my experience was hearing my sons say, "Dad, I can't beleive you give her that much're the only one who buys us anything and pay for our schooling, she just shops with her mom"...she probably gave it to her church where they taught her you should punch kids in the head in the name of Jesus...(true story)

I know, I know...many people have it much worse and that is true.  All I can say, is that the American Dream is a huge croc of shit.  Hard work does not pay in today's system except for the people sucking the blood and profits from your life.  

In addition to the proposed new policies, I may just institute a peaceful revolution to throw out these damned bums...MLK's vision was right to have all the poor and disenfranchised march on Washington...too bad they took him out first.  

Friday, February 5, 2010

Campaign Promise # 9 - New Rules for Child Abusers and Molesters

While I try my best to peace and love guy, I'm far from brilliant, beautiful and illustrious campaign manager who's name I cannot reveal as to protect her from the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations and other dark forces in control behind the scenes helped me formulate this campaign promise as she despises child abusers and molesters as much as I do...

As we don't believe in killing unless in certain cases of self-defense, I promise to instigate mandatory castration for child abuser and molesters including life long sentences of public service hard labor. The tricky part here will be dealing with first offenders and cases of hearsay (he said - she said) versus hard evidence. First offenders of child abuse should be given a second chance and given help as they are more than likely victims themselves. Child molesters don't deserve a second chance.

I think we should also add the people who put kids into the sex trade and people who still children's childhood and have them fight in wars. Incidentally, this law will help rid us of more than a few of our politicians in power now:

Let me know if you have any thoughts on additional parties to lump into this law...Ponzi Scheme Bankers and CEOs who's companies send jobs overseas to child and slave labor?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Campaign Promise # 6 - Pledge to Bring Back Capes & Wigs

If elected the President of the United States in 2012 or whenever, I promise my staff and I will wear capes Monday through Friday. My cape collection is pretty amazing already, but I will have my tailor in India design me some new ones with extra bling.

Furthermore, I shall proclaim by executive order all of congress must wear wigs when congress is in session. Not the wigs like the Brits wear, but any wig you like to express your flare...

Finally, a quick cape story from last year...true story, you can't make this stuff up. I was going out on the town in London to meet a buddy from India at some hotel with my buddy Rodger who was visiting from NYC and two very hot blonde ladies. I went out that night wearing a bad ass black suit and a bright red cape....when we arrived at the hotel (I can't remember the name, but it's one of the 'hip hotels')...the doorman at the hotel wouldn't let me in with the cape as they said they had a 'no-cape policy'.

Needing to get in to meet my mate Ravi, the gorgeous Rebecca Howard quickly thought on her feet, took the cape and turned it into a Turban on her head and informed them they couldn't by law make her take off a symbol / requirement of her religion...well, when we left to go onto Annabels I of course wore it out to piss off the doorman. Furthermore, at Annabel's which is arguably the greatest and most exclusive private club in the world the cape was of no consequence in getting fact it was of course much for the hipsters.

Recap on my Inspiration to Run for President

The mere news and fact that Sarah Palin would even be considering to run for President has spurred me to action and given my life a new purpose...I have decided to run as a Republican as I think the party has gone so wrong and been more or less taken over by religious fanatics. It once was a great party...the party of Ike & Abe…Yeah Ike who warned about everything that has come to pass…

I think Obama is a good man relative to Cheney-Bush butt buddies, however, he is doing more of the same bad policies of Bush and is obviously in bed with big corporations such as Monsanto, Lockheed-Martin, Cargill, Citibank, Exxon and other companies who more or less truly run the country. Obama after all is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations like every other recent President and titan of business.

I further am frustrated with the fact the US spent more than $5,000 per every man, woman and child alive in the country on 'stimulus'. Very little of that money has gone to the men, women and children who are sick, unemployed and hungry and who really need it. It instead went to help keeping bankers, automakers and insurance company executives in their nice homes.

I have campaign manager and a few advisors…we have been focusing on playing into the system’s ultimate control mechanism…$$$...need more of that to play the game.

My Original Platform Points from when I first got it in my head to run:

- Pulling out of Afghanistan & Iraq Immediately and we will stop meddling in other people's foreign affairs
- We will stop sending all of our money and jobs to China. We will start to make things in the USA again and only trade with countries who treat their people well
- Free local beer and organic wine my entire administration. This will be funded by AIG and the banking industry or I will revoke their ability to do business
- I will end the drug wars and legalize pot and cocaine completely. The government will make sure drugs are safe / clean for people and the government will make money from it that will help lower taxes. Money will be also redirected to education.
- Hip-hop, old school NWA and opera (Maria Callas) will become the official music of the White House
- Child molesters will be castrated and forced into hard labour to do the jobs nobody else wants

Campaign Promise # 8 - An End to the American Federal Police State

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."
President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Colonel Edward House, October 21, 1933

This promise will need to be dealt with from many angles to say the least...I think a good start will be to roll back much of the FBI's powers domestic spying powers and the RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) started through the 1970 Organized Crime Control Act. The act sought to strip organized crime of the protection and profits it received through the infiltration of legitimate businesses. It seems to me any and many other Americans most organized crime and plundering of the treasury happens through 'legitimate' businesses, conglomerates and our 'friends' on Wall Street.

RICO according to scholars from all ideologies has been a near "total failure" in stopping the infiltration of legitimate businesses and most of the defendants (i.e., motorcycle gangs) were still not the originally intended targets of the law. Most criminal uses of RICO are redundant and just another means for stripping Americans of additional civil liberties.

Check out a few links on the subject below by people who have done a great deal more research into the topic than me:
Gore Vidal