Friday, February 19, 2010

Campaign Promise # 14 - Smart Bombs & Traffic Lights

Compared to driving experiences throughout Europe, I find American traffic lights (and drivers) to have far less intelligence or planning in spite of this being a car consumed nation. 

What gets me most is when you sit at a damned lite for 2-3 minutes and there's nobody coming from the other intelligence in the light, but we can make smart bombs and smart systems that snoop on and invade everyon's civil liberties while my life ticks away sitting at the damned lite...

Now usually, I would run the lite as I have well know propensity for law bending and breaking, but I am trying not tempt fate in that category these days so I sit there and at least check my ears for rogue hairs to make the time productive...

I hereby declare if elected President or successful at overthrowing the bums running it now I will take money spent on smart bombs and spend it on smart services for the American people.

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