Thursday, February 4, 2010

Recap on my Inspiration to Run for President

The mere news and fact that Sarah Palin would even be considering to run for President has spurred me to action and given my life a new purpose...I have decided to run as a Republican as I think the party has gone so wrong and been more or less taken over by religious fanatics. It once was a great party...the party of Ike & Abe…Yeah Ike who warned about everything that has come to pass…

I think Obama is a good man relative to Cheney-Bush butt buddies, however, he is doing more of the same bad policies of Bush and is obviously in bed with big corporations such as Monsanto, Lockheed-Martin, Cargill, Citibank, Exxon and other companies who more or less truly run the country. Obama after all is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations like every other recent President and titan of business.

I further am frustrated with the fact the US spent more than $5,000 per every man, woman and child alive in the country on 'stimulus'. Very little of that money has gone to the men, women and children who are sick, unemployed and hungry and who really need it. It instead went to help keeping bankers, automakers and insurance company executives in their nice homes.

I have campaign manager and a few advisors…we have been focusing on playing into the system’s ultimate control mechanism…$$$...need more of that to play the game.

My Original Platform Points from when I first got it in my head to run:

- Pulling out of Afghanistan & Iraq Immediately and we will stop meddling in other people's foreign affairs
- We will stop sending all of our money and jobs to China. We will start to make things in the USA again and only trade with countries who treat their people well
- Free local beer and organic wine my entire administration. This will be funded by AIG and the banking industry or I will revoke their ability to do business
- I will end the drug wars and legalize pot and cocaine completely. The government will make sure drugs are safe / clean for people and the government will make money from it that will help lower taxes. Money will be also redirected to education.
- Hip-hop, old school NWA and opera (Maria Callas) will become the official music of the White House
- Child molesters will be castrated and forced into hard labour to do the jobs nobody else wants

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