Friday, February 5, 2010

Campaign Promise # 9 - New Rules for Child Abusers and Molesters

While I try my best to peace and love guy, I'm far from brilliant, beautiful and illustrious campaign manager who's name I cannot reveal as to protect her from the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations and other dark forces in control behind the scenes helped me formulate this campaign promise as she despises child abusers and molesters as much as I do...

As we don't believe in killing unless in certain cases of self-defense, I promise to instigate mandatory castration for child abuser and molesters including life long sentences of public service hard labor. The tricky part here will be dealing with first offenders and cases of hearsay (he said - she said) versus hard evidence. First offenders of child abuse should be given a second chance and given help as they are more than likely victims themselves. Child molesters don't deserve a second chance.

I think we should also add the people who put kids into the sex trade and people who still children's childhood and have them fight in wars. Incidentally, this law will help rid us of more than a few of our politicians in power now:

Let me know if you have any thoughts on additional parties to lump into this law...Ponzi Scheme Bankers and CEOs who's companies send jobs overseas to child and slave labor?

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