Saturday, February 20, 2010

Campaign Promise # 15 - New Compensation Structures for Public Workers & Officials

I think there will be some decent support behind this promise of mine to the American People....

In short all public workers, politicians etc. will be converted to a system of merit based pay.  A few examples to start, but I am sure people can help me come up with others...

All workers who process paper work, issue liscenses, respond to grant requests etc. etc. will be compensated in correlation with their processing speed.  For example, a drivers liscense application processor who gets $20 p/ hour for their job will lose $1p/hour off their base wage for every person who waits longer than 5 minutes.  This will affect everyone in the organization so they are incentivized to work together and if they hit high customer satisfaction marks from the public they will get decent raises every quarter.

The president has a lot of responsibility yet currently makes crap money.  Goldman Sachs CEO and many others make $20-100M+ a year, so I think it's obvious who really has the power and is in charge behind the scenes.   If the President starts with a salary of $50-100M with all sorts of performance based incentives, I'll bet we would (A) get better people to run (B) not be a pawn of corporations and actually do good things for the American people.  Some examples of incentives that would take away from the base pay:
  • Soldier / contractor lives lost and injuries in any form of armed combat
    • every injury = -$100
    • every death -$100,000
  • Unemployment Rate, every percentage point = -$1,000,000M
  • Every child withour health coverage in America = -$100,000
  • Every child that doesn't go to college = -$100,000
This all assumes they would prevent me from just throwing out the damned devisive system of money in the first place...

Watch one of political advisors explain why money is a load of shit and don't forget vot Marcus for President in 2012!

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