Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vacations, UFOs & Aliens Act - Marcus for President 2012 Campaign Promise # 23

Nothing like combining disparate subjects for my planned executive orders…First on the alien / UFOs front, we will make all classified information unclassified. Jimmy Carter, Clinton and one of Obama’s guys have tried this before to some extent or another to no avail. I won’t take military secrecy for an answer and will make this public even I have to take over the damned military.

I was talking about UFOs this summer with a doctor and his wife while out on the campaign trail…after chatting for the while he shared with me that his Grandfather was a senior officer in the air force out west… on his deathbed he told him and his father aliens / UFOs exist and Roswell was one big cover-up! I was quite happy to hear this and simply want to meet these alien dudes…

Next as a part of this great act I shall catch Americans up to the Europeans and give all workers two months of paid vacation a year. Nobody ever says on their death bed they wished they spent more time at the office…

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