Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gladiators & Congress - Marcus for President 2012 Campaign Promise # 24

As I discussed in Campaign Promise # 3, I think states and local communities should have MUCH greater say in how they run their communities, spend money and far less federal taxes, bureaucracy and BS. To start with, I think those bums in congress should spend 80% of their time in their home states and districts versus getting their knees dirty with corporate lobbyists.

To address this problem I plan on dispensing with many of congress' powers and give states their authority and much of their money back currently being sucked away by congress. I shall turn congress into a Gladiator Coliseum for entertaining the masses. We can have matches between corrupt politicians and bankers to start and then expand to child molesters, rapists etc.

Of course as your Emperor, oops I mean President I will need to retain the television rights for these excellent games.

I approve of this message…Marcus for President 2012

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