Friday, March 12, 2010

Marcus for President 2012 - Truth in Hair & Stimulus Act

When I first started campaigning in the Fall of 2009, I was throwing around a figure of around $18k per every person alive in the US had been spent on stimulus of one form or another…to which my question was, don’t you think a better system of stimulus would be to cut you and your family a check directly? People told me I had the number too high…turns out I was too low and that doesn’t even count all the money spent on bullshit wars to fund the military industrial complex we call a democracy…

So I propose the ‘Truth in Stimulus & Hair Act’…demanding a full accounting of all stimulus funds and to know what politicians use toupees and hair implants. All toupees shall be sacrificed symbolically during gladiatorial games in our new coliseum formerly known as congress.

Back to the stimulus bullshit…Oh, that’s right…you’re not educated enough to understand it because of the system of education they provide you (and can no longer afford) to know how to spend money, plus if we allow “the system” and our friend’s interests to collapse “utter chaos” will reign, the world will end and ‘the insurgents’ will take over…sadly most people still buy that line of bullshit…recently the numbers have been leaking out and would you believe $28,333.33 for every man, woman and child TO PAY FOR $8.56 TRILLION BAILOUT THUSFAR?

That means a family of 4 would have gotten about $112,000.00 to pay off all of your debts! If you don’t owe anything, there would be nothing for you to pay back so you could pay cash for cars, homes, furniture, appliances, electronics or anything you wanted… or you could even invest it in real estate, gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, etc! Now that would stimulate the economy like nothing ever in all of recorded history…but again you need a legion of leeches to tell you how to spend and administer the money…

I like this excerpt from :

But, what about AIG, Bear Stearns and all those other investment banking corporations? Excuse my French… but fuck ‘em! When you fail miserably, embezzle shamelessly and steal ruthlessly, you should reap shame, insolvency and punishment…not receive billions of dollars as a reward. We do not need these failed enterprises and the corporate thugs who ran them and us in to the ground. When they die, other honest and more capable companies will take their places. That’s the way it should be, shouldn’t it?

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