Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marcus for President 2012 - Monuments and Roads Act

The first component of this act is you are not allowed to have a road, monument, airport etc. etc. named after you if you are still alive. Having lived in the south, I was always amazed how they would name roads after preachers and corrupt politicians still alive…enough of that narcissistic craziness, in the Northeast and most of Europe you have to be dead first as it should be.

Existing roads named after people alive will be changed to names from Star Wars, Sponge Bob and Tin Tin comic books. The Stone Mountain Georgia confederate memorial is going to get a face lift with Sponge Bob being added to the charging horse memorial. Mount Rushmore will be getting Bob Marley smoking a joint and my favourite US General old Blood and guts Patton.

I’m thinking about adding an imperial walker to the front lawn of the white house, but I’m open to other suggestions…just remember…Marcus for President 2012, because “everything’s more fun with Marcus”

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