Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Marcus for President 2012 – Moon & Space Sex Funding

You may have heard that Obama cut NASA’s budget and objective to get back to the moon with a governmental colony by 2022. When I started my company and website (it’s being redone and is down now because the first release they did sucked) I had no idea I would be competing against Uncle Sam.

Well, they’ve bowed out for now, but if I am Uncle Sam I can change things and as your Dictator, oops, I mean President again I promise to re-direct plenty of money to moon colonization so we Earthling’s can more quickly experience the benefits of SPACE SEX.

Parties on the moon will be awesome too until someone hurls…

By the way, the government has already spent some of your tax dollars designing a space suit for two people to fit in so they can shag...and the Russian's reportedly beat us to the space sex of the cosmonauts managed to get pregnant in space and the baby didn't have two heads...

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