Saturday, February 6, 2010

Campaign Promise # 10 - Child Support Receipts & the IRS

With my plans to have a flat, low and simple tax and plan to scrap the various violent wars (drug war, terror etc. etc.) that cost trillions, I think we will have a lot more money in the treasury and a lot less need for the IRS.

I wouldn't want all those lovely people to have no jobs at all, so I thought we could allocate many of their refined bean counting and intimidation skills into keeping parents accountable on child support.  Many people won't like this, but I think it's imperative and about time people focused on the children of the world and not 


When I see accountable, I mean that if a person is paying $2k a month for child support, then receipts should be kept against that $2k to ensure it is going for the child and not the adult.  Ideally education, healthy food, fun, lessons, health etc.  Alimony is very different and the adult can do what they want with that, but kids are the future and kids should come first.

Assuredly many women are saying, 'what about the bums who don't pay...what are you going to do about them'.  Fair point, but we most go after the problem in a holistic manner and ask why there are so many men who don't pay?  There are many reasons, the number one being that we have all fallen for and accepted the power elites newest control mechanism (aka system)... a society that operates on the concept of money...and we see where that is getting 60M Americans who go to bed hungry every night and hundreds of millions more who starve to death every year.  

Am I the only one who is amazed what the government will do when a few bankers and automakers get in trouble versus when kids are forced into fighting wars around the world and dieing of starvation....?  Oh, that's right we gave them the guns and fucked up their lands in the first place by drawing new lines on the map and creating division...
Sorry, as usual I sidetracked myself...I refuse to believe most men or people are inherently bad and don't want to pay or help their kids.  Wealth has become concentrated and their are few option for many people these days and at many times in this system of money and greed.

The system and for that matter...we are all messed up.  Remember when the old British taxes us too much and made our lives solution was a revolution...well, let me show you the basic math of our "great system" from the "greatest country in the world" in my life with 'child support'.

My monthly salary in the UK   $16,667
Less Child Support 'stuff'-         ($ 5,000)
Less Taxes*                           ($7,000)
                                             $4,667  seems live-able ...forgot a few things...
Less Boys School                  ($2,000)
Net Income                            $2,667
* Taxes I am aware of...meaning federal / state, does not include the myriad of hidden taxes and fees

Of the remaining net income you then try to cover a roof over your head, food, transportation, insurance premiums, clothes for your kids, holidays and a girlfriend...

The best part of my experience was hearing my sons say, "Dad, I can't beleive you give her that much're the only one who buys us anything and pay for our schooling, she just shops with her mom"...she probably gave it to her church where they taught her you should punch kids in the head in the name of Jesus...(true story)

I know, I know...many people have it much worse and that is true.  All I can say, is that the American Dream is a huge croc of shit.  Hard work does not pay in today's system except for the people sucking the blood and profits from your life.  

In addition to the proposed new policies, I may just institute a peaceful revolution to throw out these damned bums...MLK's vision was right to have all the poor and disenfranchised march on Washington...too bad they took him out first.  

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