Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Campaign Promise # 1 - Free Beer & Wine Paid for by AIG & Citibank

I think Americans have become fed-up with Washington's fat-cats pushing through a constant pipeline of pork barrel policies and politics for the corporate and banking titans while people are jobless, have no decent health care and more money can always be found for illegitimate foreign wars.  Let's face it, where does the greed stop?  

I have met and have heard from hundreds of people who have lost everything and of course their homes.  Guess what guys didn't lose their homes (plural, because they have more than one)...the Wall Street Ponzi Schemed guys and Media Tycoons who brought this all on...

More than 50M people in the US (mostly children and our elders) are malnourished and go to bed hungry...but the fat cats stay fat!!  "The Greatest Country" and a "First World Nation" ...try Sweden, Finland, Switzerland or maybe Canada and France...because great countries provide great education for their children, real food vs. chemicals, corn syrup, fluoride & GMOs  and encourage the free exchange of debate and new ideas in politics.

As usual I digress, however, go back and read the writings of the founding fathers (Franklin, Jefferson, Adams) of this country...they would roll over in their graves if they saw America today...

I pledge if elected President in 2012, American beer and wine shall be free less tip and state/local taxes between 5 - 8pm everyday and the expense shall be paid for by AIG, Citibank and all other recipients of the bail out including the automakers.

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