Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Campaign Promise # 7 - Afghanistan & Iraq

Every now and then I have to address some real issues here...as your President, I will do my best to dismantle the military industrial complex that has come to more or less rule the country, our culture and policies. You may say that's crazy, but do your homework and you'll see Ike specifically warned the American people of what could and now has come to pass…and as a General I think he was well qualified to know.

Iraq and Afghanistan create more terrorists and are motivated by profits for the military industrial complex. That money should be going to our children, education, care for the infirm and elderly and caring for the veterans from these unjust and immoral wars. The new motto of veterans about the way they are treated by the government is 'Delay, Deny and they hope I Die" I will pull all troops out without delay.

These soldiers are dieing in vein as they did in Vietnam. Vietnam has turned out pretty well all by itself since we stopped meddling...The Russians couldn't get Afghanistan right and they were right next door...

Finally, as a part of my "War on Bullshit' ... I can't believe Americans put up with the farcical manipulation of the governments counting system for US dead and wounded...'contractors' ...AKA soldiers who did their tour and go back in for private companies like Black Water (oil?) to make $80-150k a year which I don't blame them as there are no jobs at home...when contractors are killed and wounded they are not counted.

There are now more contractors (corporatized private army) than US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan... God bless corporate America and their friends in Washington who care so much about you...

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