Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pervert Popes and Priests Castration & Confiscation Act - Marcus for President 2012

People in the USA yell and scream about gay marriage, infidelity and health care but when it comes to male priests in large numbers sticking their dicks in little boys everyone is quiet. I can’t be the only one who thinks this stuff is completely disgusting and *ucked up? What we know about is probably only the tip of the iceberg as with most scandals and rape.

If you haven’t received the 411 on the latest scandal, the current pope (who looks like the Emperor from Star Wars) covered up and protected another pervert priest who took out his sexual frustrations on OVER 200 young DEAF BOYS. They’ll probably start going after paraplegics next.

I therefore propose there be no statute of limitations for these bastards anymore, these fuckers be castrated and churches founds covering up this crap will have all their assets confiscated and sold with the proceeds going to the victims.

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