Friday, May 7, 2010

Advice for Greece and the formation of the EFEC Axis Powers - Marcus2012 - Bull Moose Party

Most American’s don’t have a clue about what has been going on in Greece and the EU over the past month…actually, most American’s probably can’t find it on a map or think Greece is just a Broadway show, still a part of the Roman Empire or a by-product of the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

In spite of this, the Marcus for President 2012 Presidential campaign feels compelled to dispense a policy view and some potential options for the Greek people who are taking it up the *ss.  You see, most Americans have a great deal of recent experience in this department.
Over the past 30 years the rich have become tremendously wealthier while the middle class shrinks and American’s lose quality of life, education, privacy rights, purchasing power etc.   What's the parallel with Greece?  The political and corporate institutions that caused the recent crash made tons of money on the way up...on the way down...and are again as markets recover while Joe Q. Citizen Taxpayer foots the bill in exchange for all states drastically cutting education, pay, benefits etc. to the bone.  Like in Greece as in America, the groups that won't feel it are the one's who caused it...and if they do feel it a little at least the bankers, corporate America and politicians don’t have to send their kids to public schools!

Now let’s look at Greece...very similar situation in Greece as California however Cali has the benefit of the Federal system and in America only the rich, politicians and big companies avoid taxes whereas in Greece everyone avoids taxes. The country is now in a crisis to repay its debt as the economy contracts and tax receipts remain low. Guess who pays? The rich, the politicians and the bankers who caused the collapse…I think we know the answer…the masses are to pay. Countries and people so often praise hero’s who lead by example…yet you so rarely see it from the leadership that causes such mismanagement and crises…

The Greeks are pissed off; rioting and I think it’s good to see a people with a backbone (and no I am not condoning the deaths, just civil disobedience ala Thoreau, MLK, Gandhi, ). More American’s might be but there’s so much damned fluoride in the water and corn syrup in the food it’s not likely until a breaking point.

Some Thoughts and Options for The Greek People

Greece is now screwed royally and people are pissed.  What should have happened was to severely renegotiate the terms of the debt along with long-term reformation programs. Instead, Greece is getting a bailout from Germany / the EU in exchange for drastically cutting government spending and increasing taxes while the GDP is contracting at 5+%, manufacturing shrinking by 20+% etc.

My advice to the Greeks:
  • Don’t pay the debt, screw the EU and have a national toga party, I and many others will still visit for sure which will help the economy
  • Gang-up with Iceland, Portugal and some combination of Italy, Spain, the UK, Poland (recent, sad leadership vacuum) or Russians. First invade Switzerland…take their money/gold, you can probably take it over in a few days (element of surprise). As far as allies go, the UK is pretty broke and the recent elections will complicate matters, so you are likely going to need Italy, Spain or Russia as allies in addition to Iceland and Portugal. Once you have the money and gold from Switzerland, the combined forces of the Economically Fucked European Countries (EFEC) should invade Germany (SEE MY INVASION PLANS MAP BELOW).  Why should the damned Germans always get to strike first and they've got the money now so get them while their pants are down...use their money to fund the invasion of them!  Plus the German media and politicians have been spitting racist comments and slurs about the Greeks throughout their bailout debates...time for payback Greek people! 
  • Lastly, history repeats itself…pre-empt the inevitable cycle and invade the former Persian Empire countries. There’s nothing like a war to galvanize a population and get the engines of industry pumping.

Marcus for President 2012…Sensible policies for a sensible world!

‘If a thousand [citizens] were not to pay their tax-bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood. This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible.’ - Thoreau  

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