Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama Truth in Names & Screw-top Wine Bottles Act

Some of you may be aware how America is one of the few countries in the world that allows it’s wine producers to use French Appellation names to misrepresent garbage wine products sold to consumers who likely think what they are buying is exotic. AMerica allows this while accusing China of piracy (which is true of course, but it is a bit of a double standard). Anyway, this is because of the Treaty of Madrid and later reaffirmed with the Treaty of Versailles.

It’s frankly embarrassing how Carlos Rossi calls $2.50 p/gallon sulfur-chemical-piss grape wine ‘Burgundy’ and many sparkling wine producers in America call their products ‘Champagne’…the US has stopped this going forward for ‘Champagne' but grand-fathered everyone under it. Champagne and Burgundy are geographical regions in France that make high-quality products that American company’s rip-off to peddle crap….period. I promise to stop this BS if elected your President.

The next issue to address is screw-tops on wine bottles…great innovation for every day drinking wine. However, I have noticed there are a number of crappy wines that still use corks to try to upgrade their image and make up for the crap that is in the bottle…a la Trader Joe’s $2.99-3.99 p/bottle wines.

I don’t know how people drink that rot-gut crap, but it’s their life / palate…by Presidential edict for the benefit of the environment and truth in packaging…if your wine doesn’t get rated above 85 on the 100 point Wine Spectator scale it must have a bloody screw cap to reflect what it really is…basic, every day drinking wine or pure crap.

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