Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama, MMS and BP - Broken Promises and More BS

The Guardian did an excellent report from the gulf coast without the usual American media gloss and BS. Obama keeps claiming how much his administration is doing yet the Guardian reported locals are commandeering BP and other idle boats to lay boom themselves and take matters into their own hands.

Some other interesting points of the report…MMS – took in $13B in oil royalties for the US Government last year, isn’t it a slight conflict of interest for the agency to be regulating the industry while also being responsible for increasing the government’s revenues at the same time?

When Obama came into White House he and his administration were aware of the MMS issues with being cozy with the oil industry including regular coke-sex parties. What did Obama do?

1. Appointed more BP execs to jobs in the MMS
2. Expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska

The guy is so full of bullshit it is disgusting.

And whatever happened to the Army’s Core of Engineers and other government agencies that could of helped with the solution?

My prediction of what will happen:

- BP will be acquired by Shell or Exxon
- Same old, same old as far as policy

What should happen but won’t happen

Oil companies should be nationalized and the profits should go towards education, excellent rail and non-fossil fueled public transit

Meet the new boos…same as the old boss…

Climate Progress called out the New York Times for running a front page ExxonMobil advertisement.

The New York Times sells its integrity to ExxonMobil
As Climate Progress points out:

"Needless to say — or, rather, in this case, needful to say — while today’s car has lower emissions of urban air pollutants thanks to government regulation, today’s car has, if anything, higher emissions of greenhouse gases, which threaten the health and well-being of the next 50 generations. And needful to say, ExxonMobil has done more than just about any other company to undermine efforts to achieve the greenhouse gas regulations that could lower those emissions."

"ExxonSecrets details the millions of dollars that the company has shoveled to fund the disinformation campaigns of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation, all of which continue to advance unfactual anti-scientific attacks as I have detailed recently (see posts on Heritage and CEI and AEI). Chris Mooney wrote an excellent piece on ExxonMobil’s two-decade anti-scientific campaign. A 2007 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) report looked at ExxonMobil’s tobacco industry-like tactics in pushing global warming denial (see “Today We Have a Planet That’s Smoking!”). So it is especially egregious that the New York Times would take money to publish this disinformation on their front page."

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  1. "It is as enraging as it is heartbreaking, and we will not relent until this leak is contained, until the waters and shores are cleaned up, and until the people unjustly victimized by this manmade disaster are made whole," Obama said.